about sfg promotions

In 2017, SFG Promotions added AJ Ashe to the team as Marketing Vice President. Ashe is a co-founder of the original ADRL, and former owner/operator of the perennially successful B&M Bracket Racing Series. His driving resume includes multiple event wins and championships.

SFG Promotions, Inc. was founded in 2014 by drag racer Kyle Riley. Riley is a past NHRA Divisional Champion and a 20 year veteran to the sport. It has been Kyle’s vision that has guided the SFG brand to the platform it has become today.

With their past experience guiding the way, SFG Promotions has instantly created a buzz in drag racing circles. Their headlining event for 2018 is set to pay a sportsman drag racer $125,000 guaranteed. That is a professional payout for a grassroots-type of racer. The past versions of the Super Bowl and World Series of Bracket Racing both sold out in days. Three SFG events for 2018 have already sold out – each in a few hours. In less than two calendar years, SFG Promotions has created marquee drag racing events that literally have a waiting list.

Being that Riley and Ashe are 20+ year drag racing veterans, they know what is expected at an event that will keep racers and sponsors coming back. Guaranteed payouts, great racing venues and sponsors who want the sport to grow are a few key ingredients. Join the SFG Promotions team of marketing partners to reap the benefits of an evolving motorsports landscape.

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